Camp Curumbene

Camp Curumbene is AWESOME! There was so meny activities. there was absailing, flying fox, initiatives, orienteering, cannoeing, low ropes, archery and indoor climbing. I loved all the activities they were great!

the flying  fox was my favorite activitiy. it was sooooo fun you jumped or a really high tower and ziped lined down a big rope we  had two turns



Q: how does a hamburger introduce its wife?                                A: meat patty

Q: why did the banana go to the docter?                                          A: he wasn’t peeling very well

Q: why are bees hairs sticky?                                                               A: they use a honey combs

Q: were do frogs keep there money?                                                A: a river bank

Q: why didn’t the grape go to the prom?                                          A: he didn’t have a date

Q:why did the mushroom go t the party?                                       A:he was a fun-guy

Q: why did the mushroom leave the party                                    A: there wasn’t mush room to dance

Q: why didn’t the skelton go to the ball                                        A:he had noBODY to go with

Q:why didn’t the skelton sing in public                                        A:he didn’t have the guts


ingredients:                                    things in need:

3 cups of sugar                              heat/stove

3 cups of water                                pot/pan

                                                              patty pans



1 poor water and sugar into a pot

2 let sugar disovle into water in till golden and bubbly

3 poor liquid into patty pans

4 let them set then eat

cook time                     makes            hard or easy

30-40m                      25-30                   easy

Lat the Bat

Lat the Bat was looking for food but he was in a terrible mood, he was flying in the dark over a ordonariy park, he fell in a lake the fish thought he was a fake, the old fish was reading a book looked up and took a look, he meet a hippo her name was kippo, they had a some fun in burning hot sun, they saw some chips and licked there lips, they rolled on the grass then they saw someone with a pass, to the city hall but it was all the way in the mall, the animal chaches came and put them in the zoo they lisened to a sound that went moo, they went to a cow they were scared for now, the cow gave them a ride on her back in fact, it all happend on one day and that day was a long day!

Mr. wood and his axe (math story)

Deep down in the wood there was Mr Wood he was a man he only had one little wood pan. So he went down to the woods and cut down some trees it started with 160 trees then he got chased by fleas. Now theres 80 trees but then the fleas got chased by bees. He choped half of thm down and the animals started to frown now theres 40 trees left. He cut the rest of the trees in half and looked and had a laghf now theres 20 trees left. Next he thought to cut some for his wife he cut them with a really sharp knife now theres 10 trees left. he got some for the fire he new he was a lier now theres 5 trees left. So he left some for the animals and wallked home.

science facts


Isaac Newton discoverd gravitiy in 1665. A apple fell on his head. That is what gave him the intrest for gravitiy.

The black plage (The black death)

The black plage\death started with a flea disease, the fleas sat in rats fur more rats came. People caught the disease and they would die, and be dead with a black body. It killed 1 town in 2-3 days.


It took 7-8 years to discover radioactivitiy. They use radioactivity for x-rays also to x-ray crystals.



2 weeks ago we had a man come in his name was professer bunsen he was so cool we got to make fake snow that they use in the movies.  Also he gave us expanding spheres what you do is get a bowl of water put the balls in the water wait 60h the balls will be invisable and much much more bigger. But they could crack.


you should go on beth’s classroom global 2 because there is so meny different things to do on it.  you should leave a comment too. you can play with splash my green turtle. look on my blog and tell other people about it.